Litter Details:  
Dam - Charlize, Candy Stripe from Hypo from 2012
Sire - Zeke, Candy Stripe from 2011
  Mating/birthing pics


Candy Stripe morph in a nutshell (as I understand it)
  Candy Stripes are quite new and not totally understood yet.  As of this season, there have been 5 total litters produced (six if you include the litter Zoe and Ziggy came from)  The trait appears to be an incomplete dominant where "Candy Stripes" have one Candy gene with a minimal expression and "Super Candy Stripes" have two Candy genes and a significantly higher expression. 

1) The original pair, Zoe and Ziggy, produced their first litter in 2011 with something amazing in the pile of babies.  There were four babies with insane full body striping (Super Candy Stripe) nine others with connected dorsal "zig-zag" stripes like mom and dad. (Candy Stripe) and a few normals.

2) A repeat pairing of Zoe and Ziggy in 2012 resulted in a smaller litter with similar results, 2 Super Candy Stripes, 4 Candy Stripes and some normals.

3) Ziggy paired with Calamity, a Hypo female in 2014 produced some Candy Stripe Het Hypos and normal Het Hypos.

4) Charlize paired this year with Zeke, both Candy Stripes from the first two pairings of Zoe and Ziggy, produced a litter of three Super Candy Stripes, eight Candy Stripes and two normals (See these available babies below).  Right on track with what Mom and Dad produced.

5) Jamie, Het Hypo, paired this year with Denzel, Candy het Hypo, produced two Hypos, seven Candy Stripes, five normals and one I think is a Hypo Candy Stripe (low expression) 

One gene "Candy Stripe" visual expression
  Candy Stripe traits are as follows and may or may not not be present in all individuals
Broken center Head Stripe - Very typical but not present in a litter that is two generations away from the original pair.
Connected dorsal saddles - some more than others.  On the left is Zadier, the individual with the most connected dorsal patterns to date.
Bubble neck - the first dorsal pattern is sometimes connected to the outer head stripes with the "anchor" at the end of the middle head stripe missing.  On the left is Zsa Zsa with a very clear "Bubble neck" pattern.  Sometimes it's only one side making what looks like bubble letters.
Two gene "Super Candy Stripe" visual expression
  So far, all the Super Candy Stripes have the following traits...
  Full body striping.  There appear to be two color ranges, bright orange and black or tan and black.
  Pink tongue
Split frontal scale


Available Babies Price Description:
Shown are two pics of each baby, first normal, second with flash    
Working on yearling pics so those with 8 pics are baby and yearling    




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Female Candy Stripe CZ-ZK-1907

Split Head Stripe, Partial Bubble Neck, Connected Dorsals,
Strong example of single gene Candy Stripe.

    SOLD 2 (full payment received) or on HOLD 4 (partial payment received)


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SOLD 2 Rob
Female Candy Stripe CZ-ZK-1910

Split Head Stripe, Bubble Neck, Connected Dorsals and Color,
excellent example of single gene Candy Stripe.